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 ESTAT clutches vs. conventional clutches


ESTAT clutches use static electricity to 'glue' and 'unglue' surfaces. 

Static voltage fields can be created with very low energy and paper-thin components, making our clutches the lightest and most efficient option for actuator design.


Is there a power-off activated version?

ESTAT clutches can be configured to remain engaged for minutes to hours after losing power, or to disengage within milliseconds.

Are clutch designs  available for my custom requirements?

Many standard ESTAT products are modular, enabling easy scaling of force or torque capacity with very little design effort by stacking multiple units into an assembly. More involved customization is available upon request, with minimum order quantity requirements.


Materials Handling

High-force connections to a wide variety of sizes, materials, and geometries. No tether or vacuum source required. Small parts or parts with holes? No problem!

Seamless Haptics

Paper-thin flexible components allow completely natural motion, while providing highly responsive and forceful haptic feedback with extremely low power consumption.

More to be revealed soon

Anything is possible!

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