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ESTAT Actuation Pittsburgh values and mission

Our Story

We got our start in the lab at Carnegie Mellon University, building robots to assist humans who have trouble with movement. We realized that the hardware needed to become significantly lighter, more efficient, and more scalable for these robots to be practical in real world environments. This led us to develop the electroadhesive clutch and broaden the design to enable groundbreaking progress across many industries, including robotics, safety equipment, and motion control systems.

Our Mission

We create hardware products that unlock a leap forward in performance for customers producing robots, safety equipment, and motion control systems.

Our Value

We're not making incremental improvements; our customers use ESTAT products to do things that are simply infeasible with conventional hardware.

Our Products

We combine electrostatic physics expertise with world-class mechanical design and materials science advances to create the first-in-class and best-in-class electroadhesive hardware.

Leadership Team

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Stuart Diller is the CEO of ESTAT Actuation Pittsburgh

Stuart Diller


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Kirby Witte is the VP of Engineering at ESTAT Pittsburgh

Kirby Witte

VP of Engineering

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John Watkins is the Head of Materials at ESTAT Actuation

John Watkins

Head of Materials

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